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Eng Sustainability is one of our top priorities and we
partner with companies that work in alignment
with the global Sustainable Development Goals.
We work together to create Swedish products of high quality,
tested by us and independent labs with very satisfying results.
Our company strategy gives attention to positive working environments
for our employees, reduced carbon footprint, durability, and security.

Eng We are currently working hard to provide healthcare
institutions and clinics with safe and secure
protective equipment.
When the pandemic started, we quickly got our factory up and running
outside Norrköping (south of Sweden), in order to meet the severe demand
for certified face masks, face coverings, and protective aprons.
All products are CE marked and have been tested independently
by an accredited laboratory.

ENG We are a solution-oriented medtech company
focused on providing solutions to problems
that we encounter as healthcare professionals.
The company was founded in 2017, following improvement efforts
in the elderly care sector in the south of Sweden. We saw the need
for medtech solutions that directly correspond to real everyday challenges.

Protective equipment Surgical IIR face masks. Production of FFP2 & FFP3
face masks.
Safe and secure equipment
of high quality.

SAFE AND SECURE Certified protective equipment
made in Sweden for private
and professional use
Go to our retailers Surgical IIR face masks, CE marked, tested by an independent laboratory
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