New Layer New Layer Our medical solutions aim to offer improvement, savings and increased value for both healthcare providers and those who receive the care. Since the company was founded in 2017, we have continuously broadened our scope to provide intelligent and creative products that are needed.

We are involved in everything from ultrasound diagnostics and cancer investigations to rehabilitation and care for the elderly. Find a few examples of our medical solutions below and don't hesitate to get in touch for more information.
We develop new medical solutions
that solve problems we encounter
as healthcare professionals.

Increased patient participation
Distance assessment
Improved documentation

Our digital video otoscope enables remote assessments, more efficient working methods, faster treatment, improved documentation, and increased patient participation.

The idea for this invention sparked in connection with improvement efforts in the elderly care sector in the south of Sweden. Older people are often bothered by wax plugs which cause unnecessary suffering—especially among demented people. Wax plugs are easy to fix, but they are sometimes overlooked due to time pressure and prioritization.
Digital Video Otoscope

Patient-centred diagnostics
Mobile survey technology
Quick diagnosis

Biovisor is a reseller of Chison, one of the leading ultrasound manufacturers in the world. The ultrasonic equipment from Chison maintains a high image quality, is competitive in price and the diagnosis can be performed where the patient is located.

Chison has put a lot of work into developing ultrasound technology with very high image quality, while also making sure that their machines are user-friendly with intuitive user interfaces.
Ultrasound Diagnostics

Test results in 3-10 minutes
Analyses CRP, Troponin, NTproBNP, HbA1c, etc.
Low cost per test

With the analysis instrument Getein 1100 you can do a total of 15 different analytic tests with a test result time of 3-15 minutes. This technology uses immunofluorescence to perform the most important analyses on site, resulting in faster patient processing times and shorter waiting times at emergency departments.

This new technology is also a lot more cost effective than traditional instruments. In addition to emergency departments, the Getein 1100 is well suited for testing at hospitals, health clinics, etc.
Getein 1100
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